Peter Scolari: Unsung Genius

The year is 1980 and two aspiring young actors are cast in the short-lived cross-dressing situation comedy Bosom Buddies. One of these two young men possesses powerful charisma and shows great promise, while his costar is affable but unexceptional. Then, in a what can only be described as a cosmic tragedy, a mind-boggling mix-up of fates, while the middling actor went on to enjoy a celebrated career as one of Hollywood's most successful actors of all time, his former partner, the truly gifted one went on to wallow in near obscurity. As a token effort to correct this staggering injustice, we present this peek into an alternate universe where it is Peter Scolari who is America's favorite actor, and that other guy who struggles to get parts.

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Who knows? Perhaps if Scolari had been cast as 'Buffy' and Hanks as 'Hildegarde' a website like this would not need to exist.